Five and a half weeks in

Well, here we are, October 4, 2011, five and a half weeks through this PR class and here is what I have learned:

1) Talking about either Facebook or Twitter in every class affirms my choosing to study Communication. (Sorry Chemistry, you aren’t social enough for me)

2) I am not addicted to Facebook and Twitter. I simply believe in its usefulness and am not alone in this belief. Twitter and Facebook are changing the PR industry for the better.

3) PR is more than sending out press releases.

4) Reading Ragan’s PR Daily everyday is more enjoyable than reading the New York Times everyday. (Yes, I used to think I wanted to go into Journalism)

5) The PR industry should not be taken lightly. A lot of hard work and creativity is required to be successful in this field.

6) I need an internship…now.

7) I still have a lot to learn.


People of Facebook holding American Airlines accountable

Thursday, August 25 2011, was the last time Karen Pascoe saw her cat Jack when she handed him over to American Airline baggage handlers at JFK Airport. Shortly after, she received a call notifying her Jack was missing. After barely any updates or news from American Airlines, Karen took the issue to Facebook, any company’s worst nightmare. The page Jack the Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK was launched Sunday, August 28 to encourage people to put pressure on American Airlines. The people of Facebook turned out in large numbers. Currently, the page has 14,567 likes and continues to grow.

American Airlines responded in the best way possible: frequent updates in the form of Facebook notes. Since August 30, American Airlines have posted at least 4 notes updating concerned Facebook users of the steps the company is taking in finding Jack. In their latest note on September 9, American Airlines wrote:

“Since our last update this past Friday, our employees have continued the search for Jack at JFK over the weekend and into this week.  We are all concerned with Jack’s well-being and our employees have been doing everything they can to locate him.  This past weekend we also issued a pet Amber alert that we hope furthers awareness about Jack.  This broadens our search beyond the airport grounds in the event he has made his way into the community surrounding the airport.”

Unfortunately, Jack is still missing according to Karen’s latest post:

“Sorry for no update yesterday, Friends of Jack… the search and flying was beautiful, but did not result in finding Jack. It did, however, result in one of the worst migraines of my life… which has continued into today. I wanted to give you the bottom line, though. I will write more later. Please keep the faith.”

Just in case you find yourself at JFK, keep your eyes open.

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