Class Presentations

Last week our class started presenting our final presentations. The assignment was to create a digital media kit for a made up organization and present it to the class. So far my favorite presentation has be Chelsea and Francie’s “Malts for Memories” because of their purpose, presentation style, and design. “Malts for Memories” is an ice cream parlor that benefited Alzheimer’s research. Their use of personal connection was smart in capturing their audience. Their media kit was impeccably designed and organized. Chelsea and Francie went all out too dressed in 50’s ice cream parlor outfits. They even made homemade ice cream and served it to the class after their presentation. They were also very professional while still showing their passion for their mission. My only suggestion to them would be to add a little more interaction with their audience during the presentation.


Yes, another blog about my future

I think I have learn more about myself and what I want to do in the future in this PR class than I have about Public Relations. I have gone from not knowing what I want to do career-wise to an interest in PR to being set on PR to thinking maybe PR isn’t my thing to being pretty sure I don’t want to do PR (at least a typical PR job) all in 1 semester. I do love and appreciate the PR world and career path, but I don’t believe it is the right path for me. So here is another update on what I am thinking and what plans I am making that will probably change more than a few times.

Plans/goals for the end of 2011:

1) Land an internship with Make-A-Wish Foundation for spring 2012.  (I had my first big kid interview today with them, and I am praying I get the internship in their Wish Department. This is the type of career I am leaning towards in the future: an organization and mission I believe in and a job that will allow me to use my strengths in and passions for organization, finding silver linings, and serving others more than myself.)

2) Contact representatives regarding with two potential summer internships opportunities

3) Actually make something I found on Pinterest

Plans/goals for the end of my junior year:

1) Complete an internship and have experience in non-profit work.

2) Acquire a new skill in photography, design, or technology

3) Try not to freak out about the car payment I am supposed to be paying with all the money I’ve been making in my unpaid internship.

Plans/goals for after college:

1) Find a job that I look forward to going to everyday

2) Be willing and able to adapt to all my plans changing

I’ve been bitten by a bug and why PR pros should care

The social media bug, that is. Six years ago, the sneaky little fella’ got me. Once it bites you it becomes a part of you. Sometimes you don’t notice you have it until you are cut off from social media whether though lack of internet service or a Lenten fast. I didn’t realize I had it until I began to feel there wasn’t enough time in my day to get everything done. The problem was not only having 24 hours; it was how I used them. I would estimate literally half of my day is spent using some type of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Words with Friends, YouTube, blogs, and countless more. Needless to say, I am a believer in social media.

So, why does this bug matter for Public Relations?

Because Public Relations wants two things: eyes and  positive feedback. If I spend half of my day using social media, that means for half of my day, PR pros have an idea of where my eyes and voice are. It would be stupid for an organization to not take advantage of this.

Before taking a class on Public Relations, I had never really analyzed the importance of social media in PR because it just seemed obvious to me. What I have learned is that there are right and wrong ways to use social media and PR, and a strategy must be developed in order to effectively use social media.

Listening with

I thought I was familiar with  social media and knew what services and websites were available. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, WordPress, Google, Skype, Pinterest, and more. Then, I checked out the Conversation Prism made by Brian Solis and Jess3.

Wow, I know about only a small fraction of social media, but I am determined to learn more. It was so hard to pick which one to start with. I chose in light of my recent blog post about listening. Because listening is such a vital part of Public Relations, is a great tool to listen to what is being said about your company on social media sites. is similar to Google Alerts, but specifically looks through more than 100 social media sites. Basically, you type in your company, brand, name, or whatever you want to monitor, pick the types of sites or specific social media sources you want to search (unless you want to search everything), and a few seconds later, the latest social media mentions are brought up in chronological order.

One of the coolest feature is a side bar that gives you of a statistical break down of the mentions your search is receiving such as positive/negative feedback ratio, top keywords used, and the top sources used to mention.

You can also track mentions automatically and analyze them them with

I will definitely be using this tool in the future.


There’s this question I get asked frequently by family, friends, co-workers, strangers, etc. I used to not like it because I didn’t know how to answer it. I’m sure you might have gotten it before. It’s the, “What are you going to do with your degree?” question. I have mentioned in a previous post that I became a Communication major for some pretty lame reasons (I liked working with people and everyone needs communication skills). Two years can teach a person a lot about who they are and what they are passionate about. I love answering this question now because I get to talk about something I am passionate about: Youth Ministry (Catholic Youth Ministry, more specifically).

Youth Ministry in the Catholic faith is important. The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry’s website says, ” The church must become the traveling companion of young people—and that is what we mean by youth ministry. If, indeed, ‘it takes an entire village to raise a child,’ then it certainly takes an entire church to journey with young people as they grapple with the Good News and respond in discipleship.”

I am who I am today because of Catholic Youth Ministry. I have seen its benefits first hand not only in me but for other young people looking for a purpose and looking for love.

Now, how can I use my degree in Communication to pursue a career in Youth Ministry? Well, Youth Ministry is not just about the relational aspect of ministering. There is a ton of behind the scenes work that goes into good Catholic Youth Ministry. This is where I want to be involved. I love the relational ministry part, but I am more interested in supporting others who have a real gift for it. My dream job is to work for a Youth Ministry program such as Life Teen. I honestly don’t know specifically what I want to do, but I do want to be a part of the mission to lead teens closer to Christ in whatever capacity I can.

Being a Communication major with a focus in PR and minor in Religious and Theological Studies seems to be a good fit for this future career. No matter what, I believe I have passions for a reason, and I am going to pursue them.

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