So I invented a new game. A few weeks ago I was driving home from my internship and was not looking forward to another game night, Netflix, or homework. I just wanted to take my camera and do what I promised myself I would do this semester: take time to do what I love and experience Austin. So I called up a few friends, we got in my car (Tuscon Joe), and I started driving. We ended up at Mozart’s, a local coffee shop on Town Lake. We bought a brownie, took a few pictures, and caught up.

Once the sun had set we debated on what to do next. Unfortunately the 3 of us are the most indecisive people ever. So we decided to ask a stranger. Our stranger of choice was a barista behind the counter. He suggested Halcyon, a coffee house, bar, and lounge downtown. So we got in Tuscon Joe and started driving again inventing my new favorite Friday night activity I am going to call Localing.

Here’s how you play:

1. Get some friends and a camera and drive to any new place in whatever city or town you are currently in. You can just start driving until you see a new place with a cool name or you can pick a random spot on a map. It doesn’t matter. Just start driving and stop eventually.

2. Once you get there, take it in and experience wherever you are. Have a drink, read a book, take some pictures, play a game, whatever you want.

3. After you feel like you have experienced this new place, ask a stranger where to go next. Tell them about localing or make up a story about how you are the host of a new TV series that explores local spots in different towns. It doesn’t matter. Just get a new placeĀ  to go to.

4. Go there and repeat all the steps until you are ready for bed.

To add to the difficulty, make up some more rules. You can make it a competition among a larger group of friends and see who can find to coolest or most unique places. You can make it a rule to not turn down any new place a stranger suggests. Do whatever you want. Just get out of your house and experience your city or town.

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