Crafting with Glass Bottles

Since turning 21, my roommate and I have accumulated more than a few glass bottles. I haven’t wanted to get rid of them because I have seen them used in a few DIY and craft projects. I’ve done some research (mostly on Pinterest) and here are some projects I’ve come across. Enjoy and happy crafting! (Click on the photos for instructions and original posts)

1. Flower Vases

2. Painted

On the inside or…

on the outside.

3. Hanging

Okay, I know these aren’t glass bottle’s, but you can adjust the instructions.

4. Twine

I helped a friend make these for centerpieces. Super easy and a bit therapeutic.

5. Candle

I couldn’t find instructions on this one, but it looks easy enough.

6. Cutting

Green Power Science You Tube video on cutting glass bottles

It’s a long video, but if you skip through, the steps are easy. Or you can try the steps on the blog below.


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Hello, my name is Emily Claire and I like a lot of things including but not limited to God, photography, organization, crafts, laughing, youth ministry, and baseball..

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