Genuine Words

The other day I received a one line email from a friend that had me smiling all day long. It was 26 simple genuine words of affirmation. Nothing fancy. No explanation. Completely out of the blue. This friend had no obligation to send this email. I don’t think I had said or done anything to spark it. It was just a person authentically speaking from the heart.

This gift is the kind that is not given enough: the gift of genuine words. Looking at all the gifts I have receive over the years, the best ones are not the ones I touch, but the ones I hear and read. Words of affirmation, letters of feelings, notes of encouragement. These are the gifts I cherish the most.

Let’s stop worrying about being cheesy and build each other up!


About emilyclaire3

Hello, my name is Emily Claire and I like a lot of things including but not limited to God, photography, organization, crafts, laughing, youth ministry, and baseball..

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