I’ve been bitten by a bug and why PR pros should care

The social media bug, that is. Six years ago, the sneaky little fella’ got me. Once it bites you it becomes a part of you. Sometimes you don’t notice you have it until you are cut off from social media whether though lack of internet service or a Lenten fast. I didn’t realize I had it until I began to feel there wasn’t enough time in my day to get everything done. The problem was not only having 24 hours; it was how I used them. I would estimate literally half of my day is spent using some type of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Words with Friends, YouTube, blogs, and countless more. Needless to say, I am a believer in social media.

So, why does this bug matter for Public Relations?

Because Public Relations wants two things: eyes and  positive feedback. If I spend half of my day using social media, that means for half of my day, PR pros have an idea of where my eyes and voice are. It would be stupid for an organization to not take advantage of this.

Before taking a class on Public Relations, I had never really analyzed the importance of social media in PR because it just seemed obvious to me. What I have learned is that there are right and wrong ways to use social media and PR, and a strategy must be developed in order to effectively use social media.


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Hello, my name is Emily Claire and I like a lot of things including but not limited to God, photography, organization, crafts, laughing, youth ministry, and baseball..

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